EdgeTaper Encore™ Rotary Files

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Heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves

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EdgeTaper Encore® Rotary file is heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi that gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves. FireWire™ NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy. The file has a rectangular cross section with a variable taper. It has an astounding fatigue failure test result of 2343 seconds. The design gives less chance of perforation and a more even conservative coronal shape. Available in lengths of 21 mm and 25 mm with three files in each pack.

For more information: https://web.edgeendo.com/edgetaperencore/


21 mm, 25 mm


17 (X1), 25 (X2), 30 (X3), Assorted (X1, X2, X3)