EdgeTaper Platinum™ Rotary Files

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Heat-Treated Firewire™ NiTi Rotary Files

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EdgeTaper Platinum™ rotary files feature the Heat-Treated Firewire™ NiTi making it strong and more flexible with strong curvatures. It has an astounding fatigue failure test result of 677 seconds. FireWire™ NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy. Available in assorted and refill kits.

For more information: https://web.edgeendo.com/edgetaper/


19 mm, 21 mm, 25 mm

Tip Size

19 (SX), 17 (S1), 20 (S2), 20 (F1), 25 (F2), Assorted (SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3)