EdgeTaper™ Rotary Files

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Non-heat-treated NiTi rotary files with better resistance to cyclic fatigue than competition.

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Designed for the ProTaper® Universal users, EdgeTaper NiTi rotary files have a bloated traingluar cross section with a progressive changing taper. Having better resistance to cyclic fatigue than ProTaper® Universal, EdgeTaper non-heat-treated files are to be used in the same way; using same technique as ProTaper®.

EdgeTaper files are available in different lengths and tip sizes, in assorted kits and refills.


19 mm, 21 mm, 25 mm

Tip Size

19 (SX), 17 (S1), 20 (S2), 20 (F1), 25 (F2), Assorted (SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3)